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Request: endmytumblpls Hello, how have you been? Well, if possible, may I ask a one shot or headcanons post the train arc, where the main 3 met a female pillar that was engaged to Rengoku? She always smile to them and is super sweet, but they know how sad she really is and want to do something about it?

Thank you! Originally posted by animemangapic. If they want to they could try to ignore the way you smell like tears,—. Rengoku stopped mid-step to turn around with a bright smile on his face.

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He was the strongest man you knew in every way possible, you knew he would come back to you safe as he always did but despite having said goodbye so many times, you could never get used to it. The thought of this one being the last always lingered in the back of your mind no matter how much faith you had in your lover. You felt it before your Kasugai Crow arrived to tell you the news.

Your head started to spin and your vision went blurry as choked sobs ripped themselves out of your throat from deep within your chest. You felt like vomiting… you wanted to die.

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The Crow was kind to you as you were to it. Instead, it rested beside you to make sure you were not alone. Even now, you feel so terribly alone.

“Zenitsu Is Afraid Of Demons” (Zenitsu X Listener) ANIME ROLEPLAY INTERACTION

No matter how many people you surround yourself with, you can never rid yourself of the horrific loneliness that clings onto you like a disease. Carrying out your duties to protect the lives of others was easy but living was not. You see him in the Demon Slayers, in the three boys who were there by his side as he passed on, in your fellow Pillars who miss him, too, and in yourself whenever you fight a Demon.

The three boys stand at your door, still bandaged and bruised. When you stand up, they approach you, each with solemn looks on their faces. You freeze for a second before feeling your eyes burn with tears once again.

For a little bit, they stay this way and eventually you wrap your arms around them, too. It was in the way he smelled, the way he sounded and the way he felt. Everywhere and in everything he did, they could sense his undying love for you.

Aww : worry not!!! Minor spoilers for Genya! Originally posted by nakamatoo. Originally posted by pinkongrey. Originally posted by jyutou. Originally posted by ackersoul. Show me shit!! Anonymous asked: awwee noooo!! Anonymous asked: Rh anon. I really love how cute and silly the headcanons are! See you after your hiatus :. I read it and I'm amazed how interesting all of it are so far!Originally posted by onnemappellepas. Requests are open! I really loved how the story It was only an Infatuation I was wondering could I request a part 2.

Part 1. How stupid could he be? Just because of the fear of getting hurt, he had shut down his own happiness. He saw you sitting on the spot you had asked him to go last few months, and you were shivering, he was about to approach you until he heard you spoke up.

You looked up at the dark sky filled with clouds hiding those beautiful stars, and laughed while you were slowly tearing up. You stood up and wiped your tears away as Sanemi just stood there, his feet stuck on the ground. It made him more guilty that everytime you would stick to his side, that you would always smile, even though he had inflicted too much pain to you emotionally and physically.

Sanemi collapsed looking at you spin gracefully under the rain with a forced smile. And when you stopped, you looked at him and continued to smile.

And with that he woke up under the tree with a blanket placed on his figure and a letter on a side. J, K, L, P, and W for zenitsu? The time where he would properly confess to you will be at that moment where you almost die in front of him, or when he finally got courage and confess to you seriously.

Originally posted by cherryjichu-art. Thank you so much anon for asking me this! Thank you very much! Posts Ask me your request!

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Anonymous asked: May i possibly request Y, X and B on the fluff alphabet for kyojuro? Of course and here you go! I hope you enjoy! What do they think is beautiful about them? Though he already see you as a beautiful person inside out! Do they love to kiss and cuddle? He would always kiss you whenever he can and at night before you two sleep you would cuddle with each other!

And he would also send letters to you whenever he can! I actually teared up no joke. I was wondering if your requests were still closed?? Source: This. This might suck, but at least I tried! And here you go! How do they deal with it?At first, you were only looking to spend some time with him. You had the rest of the day off, so you intended to spend it with your joyous boyfriend.

kny x reader

That was the plan, but now it was like the man fell off the face of earth. Continuing your search, you managed to run right into Tanjiro, who watched as your eyes lit up.

You ran out into the field with high hopes, it was late in the afternoon already, but maybe you two could find something fun to do with what daylight was left. His shirt had been torn off at some point during his session, sweat rolling down the crevices of his toned chest. He appeared god-like as the setting sun illuminated his tan complexion.

He was gorgeous. You shook your head, trying to chase away any unwanted thoughts that may have begun to cause flutters in your stomach. You yelped as Rengoku bent down some so as to reach your height, his breath tickling your lips.

The blush that had already started to bloom across your cheeks exploded, traveling down your neck. He knew damn well what was making you so flustered and he loved every second of it. You looked away, refusing to give him the satisfaction of knowing what he was doing to you, although your resolve was definitely running low.

Kyojuro stood to his full height, laughing low and knowingly; you were always so stubborn, even when what you wanted was staring at you in the face.

Main Masterlist. Fun fact: I actually had to re-write most of the ending because it was starting to go down a less-fluffy path if you get me; I really enjoyed it nonetheless, so I hope you liked it, stay healthy!

kny x reader fluff

Thank you for the request! It feels a little rushed to me, but I hope you like it. Giyuu is a man of very few words and never said more than he had too. Finally, after many failed attempts and awkward encounters, he confessed his feelings to you, which you happily returned.

Two years of being together flew by and many joyous memories were made. Your relationship had some ups and downs like any normal couple did, but you both came out of them stronger, the love you felt for one another doubled.

The day Giyuu proposed was filled was beautiful words and many, many tears Giyuu had shed a fair share of them.

However, the secret you two had held onto for so long was finally revealed after Giyuu returned from his latest mission. You were waiting anxiously for Giyuu to arrive, twisting the gold ring you wore on your left ring finger nervously.

The mission had grown too out of hand too quickly, Oyakata-sama had to dispatch Sanemi and Mitsuri to assist him.

You were about ready to end training early, hoping to find Giyuu at home when the sound of multiple footsteps rounded the corner. You ran faster than lightning across the yard and into his awaiting arms, you held each other so tightly, so lovingly.

Too busy with your small reunion, you both failed to realize the five silent figures even Sanemi that starred with mouths wide-open. All hell broke loose after that. Regardless of what he said, Giyuu was still his friend in a way. Tanjiro, the calmist one to have heard the news, happily explained what was going on.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Just like the title implies! Please read the author's note for more details. Basically, I take requests for xReader or Reader-insert one-shots. Comment your idea or request on the author's note, please. I'm posting the exact same stuff on both Quotev and AO3, so keep that in mind! If you haven't checked out my Quotev account, then you're missing out! It's AlphonseElric. Jumping from town to town is such a pain. You never settle anywhere long enough to really get to know anyone, this move seems like all the rest, except it isn't.

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It really isn't. This town feels like home, but why? Why are the people here so weird? You thought you despised your vagabond lifestyle but something about this little backwater town has you deeply intrigued and incredibly scared.

The man with red eyes will answer your questions, for a price of course. Giyuu loves his little sister regardless of her not being his biological sister or being the same race as him. He would do anything to protect her. She is what every girl strives to be or well, used to be. Now she goes from town to town in search of safety and where she can be herself.

But her plans change when she runs into a pair of siblings in need. Caution: There are HUGE manga spoilers so don't read unless you've finished the manga, already been spoiled or don't give a shit. There's always someone there for him who'll always believe - that person who didn't have to be his only caring sister and two knuckle-headed friends. Her dad had recently moved her and her deaf twin sister to Japan. By then, she had never been called by her name by her classmates.

On one day, something had invaded her apartment and she ended up travelling back to the Taisho period.But she never fights. She uses it for love and affection.

Lole they can try and run but she will catch up and tackle them down for a hug or she can flip you over pin you down to give you a kiss. Originally posted by waifubuki. Keep reading. Request : Hi!! It starts out with little things. Harmless things.

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Tanjiro sees you barely ate anything at dinner, and later that night he comes to your bedroom with a plate of food for you. You pick up the chopsticks and eat the food he prepared for you.

All of it. This is followers special so I hope you all like it!! Thank you so much for supporting me I love you all! Being a demon hunter was really an arduous and a busy profession, specifically that you were always sent on a mission by Oyakata-sama.

Inosuke was going in and out consciousness the whole time during the clean up of Mt. The boy was too tuckered out from the fight to even move, and his throat hurt too much to talk.

kny x reader fluff

If he had been in a slightly less serious condition, Inosuke would have yelled and hit whoever laid their hands on him.

The girl ordered someone to fetch medicine before turning to her attention back to him. He could feel her hands reach up for the mask hesitantly. Her voice was as gentle as her hands, making him feel warm from the inside. She reminded him of that old woman from the wisteria place. She made him feel at ease and surrender under her care.

kny x reader fluff

He kinda hated it actually.TwT sorry for doing it wrong in de first place. But I really hope you enjoy, and feel free to request again! Originally posted by unfamiliarworld. Would constantly be asking if you need anything. Originally posted by waifubuki. Originally posted by toonamifaithful. Originally posted by jinxnight. Originally posted by shizukku. Originally posted by bvckstvb. Not in a creepy way. Originally posted by jyutou. Keep reading. Originally posted by ackersoul.

kny x reader fluff

The one with Sanemi was just too perfect. I just need another one with Mr. Take your time. The sequel: click here. Oooh yes, bby! Yes he does deserve to live.

Demon Slayer HQ🌺 — Hello ! May I request 1 from the fluff list for...

Like oof. I hope you like this one. The memories kept playing in his mind, as he felt the life slowly draining out of him. There was simply no surviving his injuries.

bnha & kny oneshots — Halloween with the Pillars! Modern

But what a heroic way to go; protecting the lives of so many people. All two hundred lives spared for the price of one?KNY Secret Santa gift. Congrats on your followers! Please, check my rules page here. Another peaceful morning as you sit down on the engawa of your shared estate with Sanemi. You begin to reminisce about how the two of you ended up together. Back then, you both have never once imagined that the two of you would ever be together.

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Just thinking about it now is enough to make you laugh. You both looked at one another with disbelieved. Who would think that the person you hated the most is your soulmate?

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With the same birthmark in the same place, there is no doubt that you two are soulmates. But somewhere along the line as you two got closer to one another, you both got to know each other better. You got to know that underneath all of the harsh attitude, Sanemi just wants to protect the people that he loves dearly. All of your thoughts are soon interrupted by a familiar pair of arms. Sanemi pulls you into an embrace from behind.

But look at us now, here we are together as a couple! Its just. A request for our sweet boy! Thank you for requesting, and I hope you enjoy it tanjirou-s-wife!

You slowly pout as you watch Tanjirou talking to Muichiro from a distance. After getting to know Tanjirou better, Muichiro seems to take a liking to Tanjirou. Muichiro has started to become the third wheel of your relationship, often butting in between you guys.

After detecting a scent of jealousy waffling through the air, Tanjirou turns his head to the source. You are giving off a scent of jealousy? Wrapping his arms around you, he pulls you in for an embrace. But, the thought of losing you scares me! Burying your face in his chest to hide your blush, you mutter, "I love you too, Tanjirou! You both stand there, embracing each other for a while before continuing with your day as you both smile.

First of all!!! Congratulations on followers! Now ima figure out what to request uwu. I hope you are enjoying your time, remember to smile! Please stay tune for more info! There are more than writers on this list!

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